Optical Sensors

Web Guide Sensors    

Web guide sensors are optical sensors with high resolution to the detect of edge tears and holes in road product. It can be selected under different measuring variations and with it an easy adaptation to the setting of tasks be carried out. The use of change objectives allows the choice of the distance and the measuring window size. They are able to correct a changed illumination of the road and to guarantee a sure measurement.


  • position/width gauging systems
  • web guide sensors
  • level measuring
  • edge cracks detection
  • pinhole detection

Type Series

SENOS-c 1024 | SENOS-e 1024 | SENOS-e 2048

Speed and length sensor ASCOspeed

Non-contact speed and length sensor with long service life LED for use in the metal industry. Tasks are the regulation of complex production systems, use in rolling mills, tension levellers and stretch formers, inspection and coating systems and many others.


  • Ease of use due to non-hazardous LED light source
  • In stable extruded aluminum profile case
  • Powerful due to optimum functionality
  • Measuring range selection can be parameterized
  • Real-time signal processing with multi-chain plausibility analysis

Speed and length sensor ASCOspeed 5500